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Showit vs Elementor (WordPress) Which is better? (Updated 2022)

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We love WordPress! But as you do your research, there are other options and website platforms out there that offer similar things and differ in some aspects. Which to choose, so you don’t regret the decision later? Read further and find out what Whizzy Creatives think about Showit and Elementor (WordPress) website builders and our almost decade of web design experience on using them!

Showit vs Elementor and WordPress — CMS, blogging and pricing

Here’s a review of two great platforms and their page builders with the same superb blogging system (WordPress) to help you choose which one’s better for your creative business.

Ah, the never-ending quest to find the perfect website platform for your creative business. 

You know what? After working as web designers for nearly a decade, we think they are too different to call one the best. We’ve built websites on 6 platforms so far and they all have their appeal. While most of the early websites were created on platforms like WordPress, more and more people are leaving it to build their websites on more user-friendly, easy-to-update platforms that give you template options and drag-and-drop tools.

WordPress on the other hand is fully extendable (meaning that you can integrate just about any feature if you have the know-how or hire a developer), there are definitely some drawbacks for the average creative business owner, but hey! for that there is a platform like Whizy Website, giving you the power of WordPress, but making it simple for you. You get to enjoy its powerful CMS that we have redesigned and for the record CMS stands for the content management system and refers to the backend platform that allows you to upload and update content on a regular basis.

We love the CMS power of WordPress and the blogging experience there, but Showit also offers one. Showit allows you to add a WordPress blog to your Showit website for a small additional fee of $5 each month. That means that you can get the best of both worlds: Showit website and a WordPress blog. Things however might get more complicated if budget is something you worry about, as Showit starts at $19 a month ( plus $5 if you want a blog), while with WordPress you can get your site up and running much cheaper. ( Whizy Website starts at $16)

The winner:

Showit for easier CMS

WordPress (Whizy Website) for budget friendlier

Showit vs Elementor — website builder

Showit originally is aimed at photographers and though many other creative businesses are jumping on the trend. It’s a front-end page builder that makes it easy for you to create unique websites without having to know code. Your site sits on Showit, but your blog is hosted by WordPress, so you get the best of both worlds.

But many people claim that if you want to have the most flexible website around, that gives you the most control over the way that it works, and the best SEO benefits, you should be on WordPress.

Well, Showit might be the queen of pretty site builders because you have drag-and-drop, no-code-required freedom over how your website looks.

While WordPress Elementor has many more features and you can extend it endlessly with plugins, it takes a bit more time to get used to it. But ahhh, the design freedom, when you do get used to it! Push a button to add text. Drop in a gallery and add images. Changes the color and style of any text or image with a few clicks or what’s more – change colors with few clicks of your entire site, to make it yours in minutes! ( check our themes, all of them uses Elementor)

For a beginning-to-intermediate user, you just can’t match the level of freedom you get with the Showit site builder.

The winner:

Showit for ease of use and beginner friendly

WordPress for advanced features + customizations

Showit vs Elementor — SEO

The word on the internet is that WordPress is the best platform for SEO. Is this true? We are not sure, but we do know that within a few weeks of switching our client site off of Squarespace and onto WordPress, they got several inquiries of people asking to guest post on client blog and they also got more comments on posts — and this was in a time where they had been doing no marketing at all and hardly any publishing.

Showit also has its own SEO settings panels so you can still integrate keywords in all the right places, meta data and tag text, include alt text, page descriptions, and all the other necessary housekeeping to help your Showit site rank well in search engines and be found on Google.

However WordPress is the platform that might let you go a little further when it comes to SEO, because you can assign “schema” to certain parts of your page to help Google recognize that, “Hey, this is an FAQ section” and they might pull you up faster in search rankings showing your page higher and also including your faq blocks in search results.

The winner: 

WordPress for its infinite abilities to optimize your site

Showit vs WordPress — Support

When it comes to platform support there is a thought that everyone knows that you’ll either have to learn code or hire a developer to troubleshoot WP problems. Showit on the other hand has support team that responds to your questions within a day, or else you can try to get your questions answered in the genuinely helpful Facebook group. But!… We have to add addition to this, as Whizy Website platform also has a dedicated support team and we are here to help you in both technical and design questions. What’s the difference then when it comes to Showit vs Whizy Website ( WP hosted platform)? Whizy Website offers you more personal support – think of us like your website bf on a speed dial… 🙂

The winner: 

Showit if comparing to regular WordPress, but Whizy Website if looking for WP with personal website best friends.

Showit vs WordPress — online shop

We all know WordPress has Woocommerce, plenty of plugins, plus you get to customize and even build your custom shop layouts… What about Showit?

The main drawback to using Showit as a creative entrepreneur wanting to sell online is that it’s not built for e-commerce. Online stores need a whole set of advanced features that just aren’t on this platform that was originally intended for service-based photographers.

There are a few ways to keep your site on Showit, though, while selling and there is few of them- using Shopify lite (extra $9/mo), using Thrivecart and linking your products or linking a out to a store on another platform ( Shopify)

For those selling only a few items, it might be easy enough to integrate Shopify Lite or Thrivecart. Shopify Lite gives you a fully-functioning cart while Thrivecart helps you build marketing funnels and is ideal if you’ll be linking to other platforms, like course platforms, too. 

So you would have to pay for your Showit subscription and another platform’s fees on top of it.

If instead, you go with a straight WordPress site, you can use WooCommerce to keep everything in one place like Whizy Website offers, plus you get much simpler CMS comparing to regular WordPress and bunch of tested premium plugins and support too.

Wrapping it Up — Elementor vs Showit

So… that’s a really long analysis of two great website platforms, WordPress and Showit.

We at Whizy Creative and also our WordPres platform ( Whizy Website) are using Elementor Pro.

If you’d like to try Showit out for yourself, sign up for a free 14-day trial and see how you like it. Or, if you’re going to build on WordPress, we highly recommend trying our Whizy Website platform!

There’s going to be a learning curve whichever platform you choose, so pick the one that works best for you!

PS – Check out what Whizy Website offers and also our Elementor themes you get to import with just a click to get a beautiful website for your creative business. Our platform membership comes with guides and training so you can set up your own gorgeous, high-converting website in under a week!

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