How to SELL Whizzy Website to your clients

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You have landed a client, you are ready to start the project, but how do you explain the Whizzy platform to your clients so that it's easy to understand and they feel confident and comfortable working with the website after it's all completed?

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you set your client at ease!

Just remember, your client hired you because they trust YOU! Clearly communicating your choices will help them have confidence in the project and your knowledge. Set good deadlines and communicate well and you will have a happy client!


					Hello (Client Name),
I just wanted to take a few moments and tell you about the website hosting platform I am recommending for you. I use a managed WordPress website builder called Whizzy Website.

It is built on WordPress but it uses a drag-and-drop builder and premium plugins to make sure you have the best experience managing your website after our project is complete. The team at Whizzy Website manage the hosting, plugin updates, and even provide support at one low yearly fee to help you keep costs on your website affordable and maintenance free.

I love building with Whizzy because I can build anything I want. We can create custom landing pages, funnels, sales pages that convert, blog and even a shop using Whizzy Website. The reason I recommend this solution for clients is they have easy to follow tutorials and support if you need to make changes once your website is complete.

Please feel free to reach out should you have any more questions for me. I am looking forward to working together.


All the beauty & strategy of a custom-designed website without the pricetag.

If only all the technical stuff like migrating content, setting up domains, and making sure everything runs smoothly was taken care of for you… Now it is…

Frequently Asked Questions

Whizzy Website is a WordPress-based platform with premium plugins, hosting, maintenance and support all baked into one place. We recommend Whizzy Website platform for our clients because it comes with training on how to use the website after the project is finished as well as an awesome support team who is there to answer any questions you may have after your website project is finished!

You’ll need a domain name before you launch, but you won’t need it to start building your site!

We also recommend having some fresh photos to work with - it always helps for a brand spruce to have these on hand!

When you sign up for Whizzy Website, we offer free migrations of any WordPress site. If you have another type of site, please contact us to make sure that it can be transferred over to a WordPress site.

Yup! Your website domain is easy to connect to Whizy Website. We even have step by step instructions so anyone can do it!

No! Whizzy Website is a WordPress host with all our favorite goodies built in. What's more - all of the Whizzy sites are Cloud Hosted! This means you don’t need to update your plugins and have access to a curated list of tried and true plugins that we have tested and licensed for this platform.

Yes! Whizzy has partnered with Shopify, creating truly powerful combination, allowing you to host all your products right on your WordPress website. You can even drag-and-drop the look and feel of a shop you like with the tools available for a totally custom experience.

Squarespace and Wix are great for beginners to use, but you'll quickly find that when it's time to take your business to the next level, you need to be on WordPress. 

Whizzy Website allows you to connect your email list, have a robust online store, use a visual, codeless, drag-and-drop builder and have all the blogging SEO power of WordPress. Plus, similar to Squarespace, because it is a managed platform you'll never have to worry about updating your plugins! 

All of Whizzy Website members also get access to our existing and upcoming premium themes.
We will migrate your site over for free and make sure that it is up and running smoothly.
Yup! Adding tracking codes is as easy as copy-paste.

Nope! All of Whizzy themes come ready as you see them in our demos and no editing software is needed to edit images. We do recommend optimizing and editing your images in Canva when needed.

We recommend GSuite email (perfect if you also have your domain with Google) (it's like Gmail but for your business) and Zoho email. You can link your custom domain to your email address.

If for any reason you do not fall in love with Whizzy Website, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for any site that is not attached to a trial plan.

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