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As a creative entrepreneur, many of you are fully focused on your business these days, analyzing, enhancing, restructuring, rebranding, as well as looking into your financial situation, and perhaps cutting back on some subscriptions and costs that no longer seem relevant. Having this in mind, we decided to compile a list of recommended tools and software for bloggers, photographers and creative businesses, which offer free stuff and trials, have a free version or a massive discount at sign up. While this may not seem a lot, every bit of help counts. Test these tools out, figure out new ways to optimize your work process and build that strong, solid foundation for your business.

You’ve got this! We’re rooting for you!
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Free Stock Photography

Beautiful and free images and photos that you can download and use for any project. Sounds great?! Yes, we love free stock photography and have made a list with the sites we think have the photos that could help you build your brand and website much quicker! Our favorites:

G Suite Products

The beauty is that most of these are free and can tremendously benefit your business and workflow. Here are some of our favorite:
Google Analytics – track your website’s performance and traffic (Free)
Google Search Console – track your site’s indexing status and online visibility, fix issues (Free)
Google Docs – a solid alternative to Evernote, Paper Dropbox or Word Docs (Free)
Google Sheets– online spreadsheets (Free)
Google Forms – send surveys to your clients or partners to collect feedback or important information (Free)
Google My Business – great to have for SEO and online reviews. More info here, see point #15 (Free)
Google Hangouts– a solid alternative to Skype, Facebook, Zoom, Calendly, Whatsapp calls (Free)  
Google Calendar – keep your schedule organized, set reminders and link it all to your email (Free)
Google Drive – cloud storage. First 15GB are Free, then you pay $1.99/month for 100GB. Here are other cloud storage alternatives, depending on your budget. 
Gmail– email provider, Free if you use the gmail.com domain, or paid if you want a business company domain. We do recommend you to use G Suite as your email provider, instead of the options offered by your hosting company. Firstly, because with G Suite you have better delivery rates, secondly, it gets very messy and complex when you decided to change your hosting provider and your emails are tied to the old one.  

Later | Instagram Scheduling & Analytics

Even though the quarantine is a good time to be more active online – social media is a time thief. This is why we recommend to have time slots during the day, planned specifically for checking messages, replying to comments, supporting other people’s content, etc to help your day be more productive. Planning a week’s posts beforehand can also help you stay organized and save time. Later is a cool tool that you can use to automatically post things on Instagram, check analytics, find mentions, etc. 

Pricing: Free for individuals with 1 account who only need 30 posts per month scheduled. Paid plans start at $7.5/month and include 100 posts. 


Simple to use and design absolutely anything, from logos and social media content to documents, prints, presentations and more. Canva is our top choice for featured and cover images, as well social media posts. It is free to use and offer also a Pro version if you want to use their premium graphics.

Was this helpful? Are you excited to try any of the tools or software listed above? We hope you’ll use this time as an opportunity to learn, grow and recharge, physically and mentally. Hence, you need two more tools for that: Spotify (for the soul) and Headspace (for the mind). 

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