How To Create A Professional Website In Hours

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Websites. Websites. Websites. So different and we love all types of them – the ones so minimalistic and chic and the colorful ones, or ones that look like they came from the future. But, if you’re out to create a professional website, the odds are that your less open minded friends are going to see it as well. I get it. Let me give you some tips on how to impress them.

Simple Tips for How to Create a Professional Website

Keeping it simple

First off, if you’re looking to make something quickly, you’ll need to keep it simple. That’s not a bad thing. Whether we are talking about design, cooking, art or music, over complicating things is always the mark of an amateur.

So take some time to plan your page out before you start to try and create a professional website. Be deliberate about where you put everything and don’t add anything to your site design you don’t need. If you need extra help on planning your site, we have a guide on how to design your homepage right here + 5 effective homepage layouts for free to import !!?

The best designers know that when it comes to aesthetics, one of the most important parts are the font pairings and the photos. For help finding a font pairing that has already been put together by professionals, we recommend you check out this Canva article. Also, you can use their font combinations tool to help you find the right one for your brand!

For photos that will make your site look great, head over to Unsplash or Pexels and grab some photos for FREE! These are sites we recommend our clients, as the photos here are so versatile and of great quality.

Drag and drop it like it’s hot

Want to get things done fast and have it look great? You’ll need a website builder. Not all drag and drop builders are the same, but they are all easier than coding. Our favorite drag and drop builder is Elementor. We’ve found that it’s easy to use and the most flexible. If you are a Whizy member then you have Whizy builder (enhanced Elementor) at your disposal along with tutorial videos that walk you through how you can build your entire site in a weekend. So, get on that.

Create a professional website that is mobile ready

About half if not more of your web traffic is going to come from mobile traffic. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a site that doesn’t respond well on mobile. So make sure that it looks great. Make your adjustments, and then check your site on your phone. Also, don’t forget the quiet middle child of technology – the tablet.

If you’ve selected a decent drag and drop builder this should be pretty easy for you. Whizy builder makes it especially easy. All of our templates respond to device sizes, breakpoints, and spacing. If you are a Whizy member, we have a special tutorial on making your site look amazing on all your devices.

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